Championing All Kids

Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in our schools, regardless of their background. The goal of any education system should be to support the needs of ALL kids, not just those that are easy to educate. It’s important that teachers and schools are equipped to provide the resources and scaffolding needed for students who struggle, so that every student has access to a great public education. As trustee, I will:

  • Work to eliminate inequities in our education system. improve student outcomes for every child, especially low-income and minority students, and encourage diversity among our teachers and school staff;
  • Amplify the voices of the parents and guardians of Black and Brown students to ensure they are included in decisions that impact their children;
  • Eliminate bias inside and out of the classroom to close the digital divide, ensuring students and educators can effectively transition to digital curriculums as needed;
  • Require strong oversight of county programs and schools to make sure that our school districts are inclusive for students from all walks of life
  • Support early education programs to ensure students don’t start at school already behind their classmates
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