Our local public schools and County Board of Education are facing unprecedented challenges.  The COVID-19 pandemic has left our school districts in a very vulnerable position, facing crushing budget deficits and public health risks due to a lack of universal testing or vaccines.  These are challenging times that demand smart, new leadership.  We can’t continue business as usual when it comes to our schools -- we need to change.  

The Santa Clara County Board of Education (SCCBOE) makes important decisions that impact our local school districts and kids throughout the county.  It provides leadership and support to our school districts on key issues such as public health, charter schools, professional development, curriculum, special education, student mental wellness, early education, and childcare.  The SCCBOE could also coordinate resources between and on behalf of local school districts.

Supporting Local School Districts

Now more than ever, we need to work together to find creative solutions to the most pressing issues affecting our local schools and our community. I believe that transparency and communication are key, especially in the midst of a public health crisis like the one we are facing now. Our local districts and schools are working hard, but they can’t do it alone. 

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Championing All Kids

Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in our schools, regardless of their background. The goal of any education system should be to support the needs of ALL kids, not just those that are easy to educate. It’s important that teachers and schools are equipped to provide the resources and scaffolding needed for students who struggle, so that every student has access to a great public education. 

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Working Together, Not in Silos

There are 32 districts and 420 public schools in Santa Clara County, each of which are currently handling much of their training, planning and purchases independent from each other. While every school and school district has its own unique programs and challenges, there is a lot of overlap.  This inefficient system hinders our ability to educate our students and support our teachers effectively. 

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Focusing on Core Academics

All students in Santa Clara County deserve access to a high quality public education that provides them with strong core academics of reading, writing, math, arts and science, and prepares them for college and careers. Providing a strong, well-rounded education allows our students to grow into future leaders who can contribute to their communities, successfully tackle new problems, and prepare for jobs that don’t yet exist. 

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